Floor Care:

How to clean and preserve your floor
Sweeping and vacuuming will remove most dirt, but not all. A good quality dust mop is the most
effective tool for removing the finer particles of dust and grit that will grind off finish.

To keep your floor looking its best, dust mop once a week minimum. Dust more often depending on the
amount of dirt carried into the house and the number of people living in the house.

A good rule of thumb is once a week for the house and then add once a week for each child and large
pet in the house.

Spills and tracked in dirt can be cleaned by lightly damp mopping the floor.

Be careful to use only a damp mop, not wet, as excess water may damage the floor.

Note: Oil soaps, liquid ammonia, and vinegar are not to be used on floor finish.

Do not let the cleaning solution remain on the floor. Use a clean towel and dry the floor. Even though the
cleaners will not harm the finish, water can soak between the boards and cause damage to the wood.
Rinsing should not be necessary.

Do not wax or polish. If you anticipate the need for a fresh coat of finish in a few years, do not wax or
polish your floor. The films left by waxes and polishes cannot be coated over. Consult one of our
specialists at ALL Bay Hardwood Floors if you have questions about waxes or polishes. Note: Oil
soaps are not to be used for the same reason.

Several years of hard use may require recoating to restore the finish. A recoat can be done with a
minimum of inconvenience. The floor should be coated when it shows signs of wear; do not wait until it
has worn to the bare board. Consult one of our specialists at ALL Bay Hardwood Floors.
Bona® Swedish Formula® Hardwood
Floor Care System
For easy, safe maintenance of your wood floor, we recommend the
Bona® Swedish Formula® Hardwood Floor Care System. Advanced
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polyurethane-finished hardwood floors:
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